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Permanent Make-up


  • $100 deposit for all permanent make up services
  • 24 hour cancel policy
  • If you cancel less than 24 hours, the deposit will be transferred to your next appointment if booked within two weeks; if not, you forfeit your deposit
  • For no-shows, you are charged 100% of the service (example service $500 we collected $100 already, so the balance charged for no show would be $400)
  • You will not receive your deposit back for no shows
One time reschedule is allowed before deposit is forfeited
Permanent Make Up at our Saint Petersburg Location Only ( If you don’t see a time available that you need please call us at 727-537-0037 to be added to our waitlist )
Nano machine strokes

The newest and improved form of Microblading! Nano Brows are performed with a machine, making tiny hair-like strokes to the brow, giving a much fuller effect. This service is minimally invasive and won’t cause damaging trauma to the skin that microblading often does, keeping the integrity of your skin and the pigment retention true-to-color. This is a great option if you’re wanting a much fuller brow, and fluffy hair-like strokes! Great for all skin types.

Powder/ ombré

This form of permanent makeup gives you a much more defined brow, filling them in with pigment to achieve the look of powdered makeup. The saturation of pigment is carefully placed lighter on the head of the brows and darker on the tails of the brows to give you the ombré affect! This service is also performed with a machine, so there is little to no trauma done to the skin and true-color healed results! Great for all skin types.


This is a combo of nano strokes and powder brows. Hair strokes are applied to the front of the brows which fades into shading towards tail of the brow.

Touch up

A touch up is required 6-8 weeks after the initial appointment. This appointment is crucial to the retention of your brows and to enhance the color and shape. This is for BLB Luxury clients that have had their initial Brow appointment here only.

Color boost

A color boost appointment is recommended anywhere from 9-18months after the initial treatment. The pigment must be significantly faded before booking a color boost appointment. This is for BLB Luxury clients who have had their initial Brow appointment here only.

Before Care Instructions
  • No caffeine 24 hours prior to the appointment
  • No alcohol or blood thinners 48 hours prior to appointment (including ibuprofen, aspirin, Advil, niacin, vitamin E, fish oil, turmeric, prenatal)
  • You are welcome to wear makeup to your appointment, I will clean it off after we consult
After Care Instructions
  • Wash your hands before touching or applying any product to the area.
  • Apply healing balm provided with a cotton swab a few days after your procedure and only if necessary to avoid excessive dryness and scabbing.
  • Maintain facial hygiene and cleanse brows according to your aftercare instructions provided at your appt.
  • You may use a moist clean cotton pad to gently go over the eyebrow area.
  • Do not stand under the shower head or get the area completely wet.
    Itching is normal...DO NOT PICK, PEEL OR RUB the eyebrow area.
  • Allow the area to flake on its own as this will preserve the tattoo.
  • Avoid sun exposure as much as possible afterward.
  • NEVER lay in a tanning bed, this will cause the pigment to change color.

*aftercare will be explained in detail at your appointment*

What to Expect

Your eyebrows may be swollen, red, and tender immediately following the procedure, this is normal and will return to normal by the next day. For the first couple of days they will be very dark and defined, and around day 4-6 will start to get a bit dry and flakey. As a part of the healing process they will gradually lighten as the tissue heals, and some of the flaking may take some color with it, THIS IS NORMAL; the color will return as the weeks ago on. Permanent makeup is a two part process, and any inconsistency will be perfected at the touch up appointment. Once you have healed, It is smart to purchase a high SPF chapstick to put on your brows when you plan to be in the sun, as the sun can fade the cosmetic tattoo and the SPF chapstick will ensure their retention lasting longer.

Medical Consent and Release Forms ( Must fill out prior to appointment)

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