spray tanning services

all of our spray tanning services include:

  • Complementary hair caps
  • Complementary disposable panties
  • Complementary wet wipes
  • Barrier cream application
  • Custom drying powder along with a 27 jet body dryer experience


  • ALL of our formulas are vegan and plant-based!
Price Varies

We are so excited to have you as a BLB Luxury member, if you are a TBBC Please select this option and we will go over your color and solution options at the time of your appointment. We have two booking options for you our standard spray tan or our luxury hydration and full body contour Tan. Click HERE and on the next page you can select which option you will like. Let’s get glowing!

Price Varies
Spray Tan Newbie
Price Ranges from $65 to $85

Never had a spray tan, new to us or you're not sure what to pick? Select me!

We have been there before, but don’t worry we will go over all your options that are available at the time of your appointment & customized the perfect solution for you. If you are looking for clear (no bronzer , please select the clear option below.

  • Must be a studio appointment if selecting this option. This option includes consultation and tan.
  • Get 10% off products on their first visit!
  • Price varies add depending on which solution color option you choose
Price Ranges from $65 to $85
  • Our $10 per month membership gives you exclusive access to 10% OFF any spray tan each visit. No limits per Month.
    Must keep membership for 3 months. Only valid for the person on the membership. Requires a 30 day written notice prior to canceling.


Standard light, medium, medium dark or deep dark
  • A custom full body spray tan by hand with immediate color bronzer that you can rinse in 8 hours with lukewarm water
  • Light and medium will last about 7 days, med dark and deep dark will last 7-10 days
  • Faster Rinse. This custom luxury spray tan is perfect for those who don't have time to wait the full 8 hour rinse time & have somewhere they need to be same day.
  • You can rinse in as little as 2 hrs light, 3 hrs medium, 4 hrs medium dark, 5 hrs dark
  • Immediate color bronzer that will wash off after first rinse
  • Will last 7 days
Clear Tan (No Bronzer)
  • Voted favorite for clients with sun spots/wanting no immediate color
  • An express formula that you can rinse anywhere from 2–5 hours
  • Color goes on clear and will start to develop color after 1 hour.
  • Color can be light, medium, medium dark, or dark
  • Will last 7 days
Hydration formula
  • Voted most popular and longest lasting tan
  • Our hydration spray tan will balance and restore the health of the skin with vitamins and minerals.
  • Comes in any color with bronzer and includes all of our skin additives, if you would like clear in this option please call and we will book you over the phone.
  • Topped with our hydration spray which will extend the life of your tan, lock in moisture and acts as an odor blocker.
  • Comes in standard or express
  • Will last 10-12 days
hydration Tan with full body contouring
  • A full body Custom Contour tan
  • For ANY BODY but also great for events, beach days, photoshoots etc.
  • Includes our hydration spray
  • Brown in color
  • Will last 10-12 days

Areas that can be contoured:

  1. Face & Jawline
  2. Chest (Pec Definition for Male & Breast Cleavage for Female)
  3. Arms
  4. Abs
  5. Legs (Front, Back, & Thighs)
  6. Back & Shoulders
  7. Glutes
Mobile Services
  • A custom luxury spray tan where we come to you in the comfort of your own home
  • Includes any formula you want
  • Appointment takes 30 minutes but we block off 90 minutes for drive time to you and back. ( if we have an appointment right before yours please allow us extra time to arrive to you)
  • We will contact you directly when a mobile is booked to confirm everything
  • Will last 10-12 days
  • Price starts at $125 for a 5 mile radius from our location , $1 extra for every mile outside of that
  • Must include your address in appointment notes when booking
  • Includes our hydration spray

    **$50 DEPOSIT**

    We require a $50 deposit when booking with a valid card on file. Deposit will be applied towards your mobile appointment.

    If appointment is cancelled more than 12 hours and advance, we will refund your $50 deposit, if appointment is cancelled less than 12 hours, the deposit is nonrefundable.

Spray tan party
  • Doesn't matter if you're having a girls night in, birthday party, wedding party etc we are here to give your the ultimate luxury spray tanning experience.
  • Everyone tans for $100 in any solution of their choice plus any additives, topped with our hydration sealer (instant $20 savings per person) *Group size must be 5 or more 
  • Most importantly , lets have fun 😉
  • Price is for anyone within a 5 mile radius, if outside 5 miles, one time fee $1 per mile

We ask that you place a card on file for each appointment per our cancellation policy. Gratuity for artists is never required, but always appreciated.

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