teeth whitening services

Custom Teeth Whitening
  • Professional custom teeth whitening
  • Appointment takes 90 minutes
  • After care take home whitening kit included
  • Helps build enamel and keep results lasting up to 6 months
  • Whiten 4-8 shades in one visit and safe on dental work
  • High end grade plant based solution with very low to no sensitivity

    CALL 727-537-0037 to book, not all availability will show online!
Bring a friend teeth whitening

Come together & get you each get $20 off

  • Bring A friend, girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, partner, roommate, babysitter… Well probably not the babysitter, someone has to watch the kids lol

  • Professional custom teeth whitening

  • No trays, no strips

  • Appointment will be 90 Minutes

  • Whiten 4 to 8 shades in one visit with our high end grade plant-based solution , both people will receive teeth whitening at the same time

    CALL 727-537-0037 to book, not all availability will show online!

Mobile Services
$300 per person
  • A custom luxury teeth whitening service where we come to you in the comfort of your own home
  • Includes after care kit
  • Appointment takes 30 minutes but we block off 2 hrs for drive time to you , provide service and drive back. ( if we have an appointment right before yours please allow us extra time to arrive to you)
  • We will contact you directly when a mobile is booked to confirm everything
  • Price starts at $300 for a 10 mile radius from our location , $1 extra for every mile outside of that
  • Must include your address in appointment notes when booking
$300 per person

We ask that you place a card on file for each appointment per our cancellation policy. Gratuity for artists is never required, but always appreciated.

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