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Spray Tans and Skin Conditions


Vitiligo - This skin condition is benefited greatly by spray tanning. It’s slightly time consuming for the spray tan technician, but will even our skin pigmentation when properly applied. If a clients vitiligo is prominent on the hands and feet or other dry areas, applying a heavy amount of solution may result in over development of color, however may also be necessary in order to blend the pigmentation colors to match. Spraying dry areas may result in an over processed color. Most of the time these clients want it to blend as much as possible so they’re okay with it, in order to achieve the most blended results.

Eczema - Individuals who have Eczema are at risk of achieving a darker color to those dry patches on the body. It can often be avoided completely when using barrier cream beforehand. Depending on the severity of their Eczema, spray tanning usually will not affect this condition or worsen it in any way.

Oily Skin - Clients who tend to have oily skin can be the most challenging. When spraying, it may appear that the solution is “sitting” on the surface of the skin and not properly absorbing. This will often appear to look wet and almost speckled. Clients may look a little speckle and the initial results may appear rough, but rest ensured it will smooth itself after showering.

Knee & Elbow Wrinkles - Clients will be positioned in a squat when spraying the knees and arms are positioned so the tan can spray in-between the wrinkles on the elbows.

Dry Skin - It is advised to use a barrier cream or a thick lotion on all rough patches or dry areas on the body such as hands, feet, elbows, and knees (we provide this before tanning our clients). Clients with dry skin MUST keep moisturized following every shower, twice daily to avoid an uneven fade.

Sunburn/Peeling - It is advised to not spray tan clients who are sunburned or peeling. The results will be very uneven and unnatural.

Rosacea - Spray tanning is very beneficial to individuals with Rosacea. Rosacea is a skin condition that consists of red splotches and uneven pigmentation. It usually neutralizes all redness and evens out the appearance of Rosacea drastically.

Age Spots - Age and sunspots tend to overdevelop and become unnaturally dark. We will apply a light layer of lotion to larger spots in order to prevent this from happening.

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